Sony A7R III Review – Only camera in Top 10 technology products in 2017

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After the great camera named Full frame A9, Sony has just launched the Sony A7R III with a variety of highlighted features. Sony A7R III, which is a semi-professional mirrorless camera, replaces the Sony A7R II launched 2 years ago.

Sony A7R III

As you many know, A7R III is the only camera to be on Top 10 technology products by the TIME (Top Industrial Managers for Europe).

This product line is a great design with the advanced Exmor R 42.2 MP sensor with the efficient BIONZ X image processor.

Many photographers love the smart focusing system, 4K video recording and HDR standard Hybird Log-Gamma support.

This A7R III is the best-seller on the realiable B&H website. Last year, Sony gives its customers the heatfelt apology for the late delivery and the main reason is the redundant orders.

Compared to the Sony A9 camera with the affordable price, Sony A7R III has become the best mirrorless camera recently. The images has the twice as resolution and autofocus as A9 and A7R II, respectively.

The more affordable price and higher performance are enough to make impressions on any professional and non-professional photographers.

Sony A7R III has the Full frame BSI 42 MP sensor, 399-dot AF, and 10fps shooting speed. Also, many cameramen love this camera because of the recording 4K videos, IS system, ISO 102400, 2-sd-card supports and Wifi/Bluetooth connection.

Pros and Cons


  • Upgraded 5-axis IS system
  • Bright and large EVF
  • High Performance
  • High shooting speed up to 10fps at 42.2 MP sensor
  • Convenient handling for easy to use


  • Not lasting battery life
  • One sd slot supports UHS-II cards
  • Touchscreen control is limited

Sony A7R III Specifications

  • Sensor: 42MP BSI CMOS
  • Image processing: Faster, lower-noise
  • Shooting speed: 10 fps with full AF, 8 fps with ‘live” photos
  • OLED Viewfinder: 3.69M dot (1280 x 960 pixel)
  • Autofocus: improved with Eye AF mode
  • Image stabilization: 5 axises, 5.5 stops (CIPA) with 50mm lens
  • 4K footage from ‘Super 35’ crop region
  • Video AF
  • ‘Picture Profile’ video modes, including S-Log2 and 3
  • UHS-I and UHS-II compatibility
  • Improved resolution: Bayer-cancelling multi-shot mode
  • True 14 bit uncompressed Raw,
  • Phase detection: 3 fps with adapted lenses

Full Sony A7R III Review – High Performance and Image Quality!

It’s high time for to give you a full Sony A7R III Review with all seperate creterion, respectively. Let’s take more carefull looks!

Design and settings

In terms of the design, A7R III shows some similarities with A7R II, but the control system is partially similar with the Sony A9.

The joystick lies next to the 5-way control button with the swiveling wheel. The swiveling nutton similar with the A9 doesn’t appear on Sony A7R III camera.

The camera body’s design is the durable Magie alloy with the dustproof and wetproof rubber gasket. Hence, the body is more durable under the harsh conditions.

Sony A7R III

The large battery and handling bring the tight-holding feeling, which is better than that of the previous Sony A7x/ A7R xx or other A6xx lines.

Compared to the older generations, the most difference of Sony A7R III is the fast shooting and image-processing speed. Any photographers know the shooting lateness of Sony Ar7 II camera, especially RAW format.

In comparison with A7R II, A7R III has a BionzX chip allows processing images 1.8 times faster because of the fron-end LSI chip.

ISO reaches up to 32000 and expands to 1024000 with the dynamic range up to 15-stop. The continuous shooting speed is upgraded up to 10fps while the speed of Sony A7R II is only 5fps.

Additionally, it has the electronic shutter which removes entirely the noise during the operation. Sony A7R III can save up to 76 14bit-RAW images in each shooting time. Thus, you have more chance to catch more motion subjects in the frame.


  • 399 phase-detecting points
  • Enhanced Eye AF
  • 425 contrast-detecting points

Sony A7R III

Sony has upgraded the focusing system of Sony A7R III camera with the more phase-detecting andcontrast-detecting AF points. Many cameramen love this improvement.

The autofocus speed also improves with twice faster even in the low-light conditions, The brightness level of Alpha A7R III lowers -3EV. The darkness is super impressive.

Like other Sony mirrorless camcorders with various autofocus settings, the wide or Zone modes of Sony A7R III are great for general purposes.

I’m really into the Flexible Spot mode allowing ultilizing the joystick whilst the Expanded Flexible Spot mode uses the extra AF points with focusing. The focusing speed is high in single servo mode and the continuous shooting as well.


  • Burst shooting up to 10fps
  • 5-axis IS system
  • Battery life up to 530 shots

Many professional and semi-professional cameramen highly recommend this product with the double burst shooting up to 10fps and the fast continuous AF/AE tracking.

The 5-axis optical IS system allows the 5.5-stop shutter speed. A new low-vibration shutter helps reduce the vibration and image blur when shooting at 10fps.

The electronic viewfiner is awesome with a large and cleat view. More upgraded than Sony A7R II, the A7R III can shoot up to 530 shots with the viewfinder and 650 shots with the rear display.

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Image and Video quality

  • ISO100-32000, expanded up to 50-102400
  • 14-bit raw shooting
  • 15-stop dynamic range

Sony A7R III

The highlighted feature of Sony A7R III is built-in the Pixel Shift function with the final results. So, the images have high sharpness, contrast and better color-depth. It also reduces noise, moiré better than normal images.

This product line is upgraded with the Image stabilization with the efficiency up to 5.5. stop while A7R II has only 4.5 stop IS.

Like almost all camcorders, A7R III has smart Wifi connection with NFC and Bluetooth pairing via Sony app PlayMemories. Thus, you can transfer images and videos from your camera to other smart devices or laptops.

The noise control of Sony A7R III is super strong withgranular noise and minimal Chroma noise. The dynamic range performs impressively and you can edit raw files flexibly with A7R III camera’s files.

Why Should you Buy Sony A7R III camera?

Sony A7R III is a worthy camera with various professional and upgraded functions. According to many photographers, it’s one of the best mirrorless cameras with built-in Pixel Shift for the sharpest photos.
If you’re looking for a semi-professional camcorder, Sony A7R III is an ideal suggestion for you. It’s worth the only camera to be voted Top 10 technology products by TIME.
Interestingly, Sony A7R III is one of the best full frame cameras. Buy it now for the most unforgettable shooting experiences with high-quality images and photos.
With the compact design, it’s also one of the Best Travel Cameras which is suitable for those who love shooting adventure photos.
In terms of the price, Sony A7R III is quite more expensive than other same-functional camcorders. But you get what you pay for. Say that again, Sony A7R III is the only camera to voted Top 10 technology products in 2017 by TIME – one of the most realiable organizations.

Check more images of the Sony A7R III rview:

Sony A7R III

Sony A7R III

Sony A7R III

Sony A7R III

Sony A7R III

Sony A7R III

Sony A7R III


Sony A7R III is overestimated as a perfect mashup of such predecessors. A great camera has an eye-catching appearance and various functions.

It’s a perfect idea with fast burst shooting speed, compact design and high-quality 4K video recording. This A7R III camcorder is the best for a variety of subjects. But, it’s not suitable for  those who need autofocus tracking.

The strong rival of Sony A7R III camera is Nikon D850 with high resolution and performance. You can study more Nikon D850 review and other Sony cameras.

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