Shooting landscape notions


Have you ever known about the popular shooting landscape notions and how to create differences? Like every art, the photography trends need ever-changing creativity.

Boring motion of the water flow

The boring motion of the water creates a beautiful effect on images, but it seemingly become too popular to be boring.

This technique is widely popular with the digital photos because you can judge yourself the results immediate after shooting instead of after final images.

shooting landscape notions

Photography technique: You can overcome this notion by setting fast shutter speed to “freeze” the water flow, resulting a more natural-like image. It’s essential to choose the time carefully and do trials with different exposure levels.

Rocks in front of the castle background

This formula is like a rule of layouts widely applied to any landscape photos. So, why don’t you look for a more creative way?

Just try the shallow DOF and pay more attention to another part of the foreground?

shooting landscape notions


Formula of the landscape

Mostly, best DSLR cameras and compact system have 3:2-ratio sensor. It means that almost all images are shot with this ratio.

shooting landscape notions

Shooting techniques: For such impressive photos, you try cropping the images with the ratio of 16:9, panoramic formats such as 1:3 or 1:1.

Many best compact cameras allow users to customize the formats as long as you want and preview before shooting.

Sharp HDR images

HDR images include a series of images with different combinated exposure levels then a single photo with various details in the shadow and brighter than normal.

By editing on a single image (usually file RAW) twice or three times can you create a series of images with different light rays. 

When creating a image with super large HDR, you can gain such invisible details in normal images and impressive results.

That you add more exaggerated effects into the faint scenes create this image type. Hence, they don’t look natural and show techniques more than create an eye-catching scene.

shooting landscape notions

Shooting technique: When using HDR format, you’d better add a little details of the shadow while keeping the existing details of the light.

This technique is very suitable for shooting the sunset or daylight with strong contrast effect.

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Shooting landscape notions: Sunset shadow

When you shoot the sunset or sunrise, you want to catch the charming colors in the sky. A perfect photo should have more details such as the shadows of trees and skyscrapers.

Balancing the exposure of the sky and the land is a great challenge in this case. If you emphasize on the sky background, you will miss the colors. And if you choose the contrary way, you will have many shadows.

shooting landscape notions

Traditional photographers use filtering techniques of the neutral density with the dark part located in the sky. But, the digital photography allows users to use other effective methods.

You can shoot 2 or more images with various different exposure levels for a perfect photo. Hence, you can edit one photo to darken the sky and brighten the foreground.

You can experience the color disturbance even when shooting with the low sensitivity. Thus, pay more attention to the light levels of the foreground.

Perfect weather and yellow light

Many photographers wait for the perfect weather and yellow light before the sunset or the sunrise so as to shoot the landscape. But the scene before a storm is more interesting.

shooting landscape notions

Shooting technique: These clouds look impressive in monochrome photos. Try using the black-and-white shooting mode and use software to edit the contrast level for the most favorite images.

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