Shooting perfect backlit images

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Backlit images are created with the dark blocks highlighted on a bright background. In specific, the subjects of backlit photos are similar to a black block without specific details, creating the strong contrary with surrounding bright background.

This type of image makes high impressions, mystery, and glamor along with a variety of different emotional statuses. It’s really unique elements of the backlit images. Only a black block can show such emotions and meanings.

Sometimes, we create a great backlit image by chance, but it’s seemingly hard to take a perfect backlit photo intentionally.

Although professional photographers or photography enthusiasts are trying their best to gain their goals, ambitions to the high level, an overwhelming backlit photo demonstrating unique and notable meanings are considered a great success.

So, if you want to take an amazing and emotional backlit photo, take careful references for the 10 following useful tips.

If you use them correctly, the backlight photography helps you produce such the most impressive photos inspired by your own creativity and feelings.

1. Create the background light for the subjects

backlit images

One of the easiest ways to create a backlit image is to shoot the subjects at the time when the sun shines behind. Place your subjects in front of the sunlight as long as this source of light is behind.

You can take photos at the sunrise or sunset when the sunlight is the brightest.

2. Turn flash off for perfect backlit images

backlit images

You can’t shoot a backlit image when turning the flash on. Thus, control your camera manually and turn the flash off.

If you use “automatic flash” mode, the flash will brighten the subjects. You should minimize the source of light in front of the subjects.

3. Shoot inside home

backlit images

You still shoot a backlit image even if you’re inside the home. Use the natural light through the windows.

Creating background light by setting a source of light behind the subject is an ideal suggestion. We can shoot backlit photos with the artificial light too.

4. Shoot at the night

backlit images

It’s wrong if you think the great backlit images are only shot at the day or the golden hours in photography. In contrast, we can still take perfect backlit photos at the night.

More impressively, it makes strong impressions and emotions on us with the colors mixed the most smartly. You can do it with the fire or other artificial light types.

5. Cover the full photo frame

backlit images

I’m strongly sure you will shoot an awesome backlit image if you correctly fill the full photo frame while processing layouts.

This harmonic combination of the subjects with the background makes your work more impressive and attractive.

You ought to use the bright background to highlight your subjects. Plus, you can choose and mix other elements to enhance the glamor and attraction.

6. Select interesting topics

backlit images

Source: Kazimkuycu

That your backlit images are successful or not depends much on the subjects’ shapes. So, look for the subjects with the notable, special and obvious shapes and curves so that your products are easily recognized.

If viewers don’t recognize the main subjects of your photos, unfortunately, you fail.

7. Use natural frame

backlit imagesSource: Personal Project

Simply, the natural frame of a photo is related to the surrounding things of the subjects. You don’t need to create them because they’re available in nature.

They include windows, tree shadows, gates, and so on. They will make your images more dynamic and natural.

8. Insert shadows of the subjects

backlit images

Source: Tulgay

Seek the most suitable shadows with your images’ topics. Hence, besides choosing notable subjects, you need to check whether the subjects create the beautiful shadows or not.

It helps make your photo more perfect, showing more contents and meanings.

9. Adjust the focal manually

backlit images

Source: Bkiwik

If you change your camera’s mode into the “manual” mode, you will get the most suitable focal. In case you set the “automatic” mode, your camera won’t give you the best angle.

If you open “aperture” of f16, you can shoot the whole scene while focusing a highlight of the photo.

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10. Shoot a simple photo

backlit images

Source: Cogito Ergo Doleo

A simple backlit photo will make a strong impression on viewers. Select a simple and easy-to-recognize subject though we only see its shadow.

If careful, you will realize that a major of backlit images don’t include various details and almost all focus on the main subjects.

Ok, it’s high time to shoot the most perfect backlit images!

It’s very the layouts that create the attraction and impression of a photo. Thus, apart from the above-backlit image tips, the layout of the photos is more attended.

Wish you to shoot the best-backlit images!

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