Shoot Glittering Water Drop

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Have you ever known how to shoot glittering water drop? What you need is a “good” camera, a remote control for the camera, a tray of water and a little patience.


There’re various ways to shoot water drop, including professional and unprofessional methods. But, the following way is super simple but highly effective.

You’d better have a removable flashlight because, at the shutter speed of 1/200 and the shutter width of f/13, the natural light isn’t enough to gain the highest efficiency.

What do you need to prepare?

  • A removable flash light
  • Wireless/ wired remote control for the camera
  • Straws
  • A bowl of shampoo liquid
  • A dripping tube as the photo

Shoot Glittering Water Drop

How to shoot glittering water drop

After well preparing:  

Shoot Glittering Water Drop

How to put the camera:

When putting the camera forward the tray, you ought to place the lens in the low-enough position to avoid shooting the edges included. Place it in neither too-low nor too-high positions, because it’s easy to see the edges of the tray behind and lose the depth of the water drop, respectively.

Shoot Glittering Water Drop

Firstly, we have to mark the positions of the water bubbles in the tray. You should ensure the bubbles lie in the correct positions on the tray.

It’s very important to choose the most suitable places of water bubbles, recommending it’s about one-third distance between the camera to the end of the tray. You will have a great space at the top of the water bubbles.

The marked things will help you determine the correct positions when dropping the bubbles. Your breaths create even slight changes in water bubbles position. Hence, marking helps you know where the center is.

Shoot Glittering Water Drop

After that, you should determine the focus on the tape measure. Use a magnifying glass or the zoom camera to determine. If you’re more professional, you can do it manually.

Shoot Glittering Water Drop

Create the bubbles:

This step requires much patience. Use a straw and shampoo liquid to create bubbles. You should try many times to adjust the correct light and zooming.

Checking the suitability of the bubbles and frame is very vital. If you have difficulty in the reflection due to the light direction. you need to place it in as a low position as possible. Because of your high camera position, don’t worry about it!

If the flashing light appears, you should use a lens cap!

Shoot Glittering Water Drop

Create water drop:

Use a small dripping tube. While dripping the water drop, you must use the control for continuous shooting. With about 400 images, the standard number is about 30-40.

Note: Drip the water drop at the height of 7cm (or more, which depends on the focus field and view)

If the bubbles break quickly, you should use much shampoo for more thickness (don’t use too much shampoo because of difficulty in forming).

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If the bubbles move much, use the top of the dripping tube to correct the right position of the focus.

Shoot Glittering Water Drop


You can use the Photoshop CS4 software to finish the most perfect image. If you’re lucky, you will have an original “masterpiece” without editing.

After shooting, the original image (ISO 100) looks like:

Shoot Glittering Water Drop

Shoot Glittering Water Drop

Use photoshop a little

Use the Topaz “Smooth Portrait”, reduce the saturation, enhance the adaptive exposure and regions, and add more details.

Sharpen, resize and save the image.

Shoot Glittering Water Drop

Hope you Shoot Glittering Water Drop perfectly!

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