Nikon D850 review – High resolution and Performance


As far as I’m concerned, Nikon brand introduced a camera with the high resolution and performance, named Nikon D850 (with full Nikon D850 review). It’s a smaller DSLR Fullframe camera version of a existing Nikon D5 “dinosaur”.

Nikon D850 has becom an official replacement of Nikon D810 which was launched on 26th, June, 2014 with more advanced improvements.

Nikon D850 review

As you may know, Nikon officially confirmed the Nikon D850 camera with the high resolution and performance, 4K recording and time-lapse 8K, etc.

This version will be the first wish-list item amonng various professional photographers.

Among the post popular and saturated DSLR camera line, Nikon D850 starts a new direction with high image quality. For example, Medium Format cameras’ photos have high resolution and performance.

Nikon D850 camcorder is equiped with 45.7MP high-resolution sensor and high-speed shooting up to 7 fps or even 9 fps. When attached grip and removable battery, there’re no limits on the resolution and Autofocus.

When launching Nikon D850 camera, they attend more a majoirity of professional and semi-professional film-recorders with the high upgrades of recording non-crop 4K UHD 30 fps videos.

Plus, Nikon D850 can process time-lapse 4K-resolution or time-lapse 8K videos used on Interval Timer Mode.

Pros and Cons


  • Exceptional resolving sensor with high resolution
  • Super fast autofocus and shooting silence in Live View
  • Fast AF point with AF toggle from Nikon D500
  • Great battery life with EN-EL 15A battery
  • Large, detailed and high-quality images
  • Large and bright viewfinder
  • Good 19.4 DX crop mode


  • Clunky SnapBridge
  • Less high-speed Live View focusing than rivals
  • Not adjusting key exposure settings in Touchscreen
  • Live View Lacks on-chip detection AF
  • Much more expensive with the price of over $3,000

Nikon D850 Specifications

  • Dimensions: 146 x 124 x 79mm
  • Weight: 915g
  • Sensor: 4.35µ pixel size, 45.7 MP FX BSI Sensor
  • Sensor Size: 35.9 x 23.9mm
  • Native ISO Sensitivity: 64-25,600
  • Boost High ISO Sensitivity: 51,200-102,400
  • Boost Low ISO Sensitivity: 32
  • Resolution: 8256 x 5504
  • Processor: EXPEED 5
  • RAW Formats: 45.7 MP (Full Size), 25.6 MP (Medium Size / mRAW), 11.4 MP (Small Size / sRAW)
  • Dust Reduction: Yes
  • Weather Sealing/Protection: Yes
  • mRAW / sRAW File Support: lossless12-bit
  • Metering System: 181,000-pixel RGB Meter
  • Body Build: Full Magnesium Alloy
  • Storage: (UHS-II compatible) 1x XQD slot and 1x SD slot
  • Viewfinder Coverage: 100%
  • Built-in Flash: No
  • Viewfinder Magnification: 0.75x
  • Speed: 7 fps, 9 fps with optional MB-D18 battery grip
  • Shutter: 1/8000 – 30 seconds
  • Shutter Durability: 200,000 cycles, self-diagnostic shutter
  • Autofocus System: Multi-CAM 20K AF sensor
  • Movie Modes: 4K UHD @ 30 fps max
  • Slow Motion HD Video: Yes
  • Movie Exposure Control: Full
  • Movie Output: MOV, MP4
  • Silent Photography Mode in Live View: Yes
  • AF Detection: Up to f/8 with 15 focus points
  • LCD Screen:2,359K dots and 3.2 inch diagonal tilting LCD
  • AF Sensitivity: -4 EV at the center point
  • In-Camera HDR Capability: Yes
  • Time Lapse: 4K and 8K Timelapse
  • GPS: Not built-in, requires GP-1 GPS unit
  • WiFi: Built-in
  • Illuminated Buttons: Yes
  • Focus Peaking for Stills and Video: Yes
  • Focus Stacking Feature: Yes
  • Wireless Radio Flash Control: Yes
  • Bluetooth: Built-in
  • USB Standard: 3.0
  • Battery Type: EN-EN15a
  • Battery Life: 1840 shots (CIPA)

Nikon D850 features

  • ISO 64-25,600 standard; ISO 32-102,400 extended
  • 45.7-megapixel, full-frame backlit-CMOS sensor
  • 153-point autofocus
  • 9fps with MB-D18 grip, 7fps shooting normal
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • 4K 30p video recording
  • XQD and SD (UHS-II compatible)
  • 3.2-inch, 2.36-mdot tilting touchscreen
  • Lenses: Best Nikon FX (Full Frame) Lenses

Full Nikon D850 Review – High resolution and Performance

It’s high time to give you a full Nikon D850 review with all seperate creterion, respectively. Let’s take more carefull looks!

Design and appearance

Nikon D850 review

The resolution of the Nikon D850’s image sensor is more upgraded than that of the predecessor, Nikon D810 with 36.2MP.

They believe that “this is an unprecedented combination betwwen the resolution, dynamic range, ISO and camera processing”.

Image sensor

Nikon D850 review

Nikon D850 is the first DSLR camera equiped with the back-side illuminated (BSI) SMOS sensor. In specific, the Back-sie Illumination (BSI) technology carries electrical circuits behind the substrate so as to help the light enery go into the sensor.

To be honest, the sensor of Nikon D850 shows some similarities with the sensor of the previous Sony ALpha A7R II 42MP camera.

Nikon D850 review

Nikon is proud of not appearing moiré on images thanks to the dense pixels. Additionally, the Optical Low-Pass Filter (OLPF) is removed for the most high-quality images with the highest sharpness.

This upgrade also helps increase the light collection of the sensor, read data faster and more realistic and dynamic colors.

Nikon D850 review: Build and handling

  • Magnesium alloy body
  • Weighs 1005g
  • Comprehensive weather-sealing

The re-worked grip of Nikon D850 is more comfortable, longer, and deeper to hold than the predecessor, namely D810 or D800. There aren’t any questions about the rigor camera for such professional usages.

Nikon D850 review

In terms of the appearance, Nikon D850 is a small upgrade version (compared to its predecessor, Nikon D810). It’s obvious that Nikon removed the common flash like in its “two-digit and three-digit” product lines.


  • 99 cross-type AF points, 153-point AF
  • 55 point-limited arrays
  • Great coverage across the frame

Nikon D850 review

Being an upgraded DSLR camsera, Nikon D850 inherits much technology and strength of Nikon D5. For instances, it uses the new image sensor with EXPEED 5 image processor and Multi-CAM 20K autofocus sensor with 153 focusing points.

In which, 99 and 15 points use cross-type focus, and supports at the aperture of f/8, respectively. Nikon D850 is highly able to focus under the -4EV low light conditions and low-contrary subjects.

Nikon D850 review

D850 with 70-200mm, f/2.8, 1/125 second at f/9, ISO1 10


  • 51 shot raw file buffer
  • 9fps with battery grip, 7fps burst shooting
  • 1,840-shot battery life

The advanced improvement many people expect is the battery performance. Using the En-EL 15A battery, Nikon D850 advances more performance than that of D810 with the shooting of 1,840 photos (standarded CIPA) and recording 70-minute videos with HD resolution.

Nikon D850 review

Image Quality and Noise

  • ISO64-25,600 expanding to ISO32-108,400
  • 11.4MP Small raw file sizes
  • 11.4MP Small raw file sizes, Additional 25.6MP Medium

Nikon D850 review

Thanks to with over 45.4 million pixels, Nikon D850 can resolve impressively images. Imgaes up to ISO 3200, there seems minimal noise and no chroma color noise.

If you choose ISO 6400, the image quality is still excellent at the sensitivity. And even with ISO 12,800 and ISO 25,600, the noise is still controllable


  • sRAW S(mall RAW ): 4,128 x 2,752 pixels (11.3 MP, 25% total resolution, 50% linear resolution)
  • RAW Large (Full Size): 8,256 x 5,504 pixels (100% resolution,45.4 MP)
  • mRAW (Medium RAW): 6,192 x 4,128 pixels ( 56.25% total resolution, 25.5 MP, 75% linear resolution)

Nikon D850 review

Nikon D850, RAW, ISO 100

Nikon D850 review

It’s shot by Nikon D850, RAW, ISO 6,400

Nikon D850 review

Nikon D850, RAW, ISO 25,600
Nikon D850 review
It’s taken with Nikon D850, RAW, ISO 102,400

Why Should you Buy Nikon D850 camera?

Almost all Nikon users wait about 3 years for the replacement of Nikon D810, namely Nikon D850. With the most impressive  slightest features, I’m strongly sure D850 does not disappoint everyone.

Both professional or even semi-professional, and photography enthusiasts should purchase this super version. Sounds great!

Thanks to new SMOS sensor with 45.7 million-pixel of full-frame (FX-format) and low-light shooting at high ISO, Nikon D850 camera is one of the most popular, versatile, and favorite DSLR cameras with high resolution and performance.

High-quality images and good noise while shooting, this product line satisfies alll photographers. Attractive tilting touchscreen and video capability is some of the most notable chracteristics you should consider it.

Nikon D850 review

However, the SnapBridge connectivity is a little bit disappointing, unreliable, and fault to smartphone devices.

Finally, in terms of the price, as my Nikon D850 review, this camera is very expensive with the price of over $3,000 in comparison with some other rivals. But there’s no need to worry about its quality and multiple functions. You get what you pay for!

Check more images of the Nikon D850 Review:

Nikon D850 review

Nikon D850 review

Nikon D850 review

Nikon D850 review

Nikon D850 review

Nikon D850 review

Nikon D850 review

Nikon D850 review

Nikon D850 review

Ratings and Vedict

The following is the rating based on the full Nikon D850 review in the previous parts. Check out and decide to buy it now!

Nikon D850 review

Nikon D850 is worth waiting with such impressive and notable advantages. All product specifications are comprehensive for both professional and semi-professional photographers.

Even the Live View focusing speed is very good. It’s a camera with the high resolution and perfomance for all photography enthusiasts from all over the world. It’s great for shooting landscapes, weddings, wildlife, action, and portraits.

Honestly, the closer rival of Nikon D850 camera is very Sony Alpha A7R III.

Read more in-depth: Sony Alpha A7R III review,

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