Fujifilm X100F review – Compact, Classic Design and Great Image Quality

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If you’re looking for a high-class compact camera, Fujifilm X100F (with full Fujifilm X100F review) is an ideal option in the current market. It’s the fourth version of the X100 line launched in 2011.

Fujifilm X100F review

Fujifilm equips full advanced and impressive hardwares such as the X-Trans CMOS III sensor (similar to the X-Pro2), 24.3MP resolution and the lens of 23m f/2 focal length (equivalent to 35mm on the full-frame).

The compact, modern-classic design with the X100F image quality sensor bring such wonderful moments with any starters.

Compared to X100, X100F has various advanced improvements, like eye-catching design, Hybrid lens, high battery capacity, fast focusing, etc.

It emphasizes on improving focusing system with the Hybrid AF technology with 47 dots based on the 40% coverage on the center and 325 dots on the entire system.

The hybrid viewerfinder adds a small EVF window playing on the unique optical mode to the focusing. The screen’s able to track the exposure and white balance.

Interestingly, Fujifilm moves the left buttons of the X100T into the right. A small change of X100F isto use NP-W126S battery (8.7 wh), instead of NP-95 (6.48 Wh) battery to enhance the amount of images (330 to 390 photos). Greatly, users can use both batteries.

Pros and Cons


  • Eye-catching appearance with elegant and modern-classic design
  • Supplementary hybrid viewfinder
  •  Soft- and gentle-pressing buttons
  • High quality of images with realistic colors
  • Compact with fully professional settings
  • Good batteries


  • Not practical SO dial
  • Only 1080p videos
  • Hard to use ISO-adjusting buttons
  • More expensive than other rivals

Fujifilm X100F Specifications

  • ISO: 200-12800
  • Sensor: X-Trans III
  • Autofocus
  • Image format: JPG, RAW
  • Shutter Speed: 30 sec –1/32000
  • Manual focus: Yes
  • Image Stabilization: No
  • Aperture: f/2-f/16
  • Focal Length: 35mm
  • Minimum Focus Distance: 10 cm
  • Hot Shoe: Yes
  • Video Format: H.264
  • Battery Life: ~400 frames
  • Built-in Flash: Yes
  • Storage Types: SD/SDHC/SDXC
  • Weather Sealed: No
  • Wireless Connectivity: Yes

Full Fujifilm X100F review – Compact, Classic Design and Great Image Quality

It’s high time for photographyprof.com to give you a full Fujifilm X100F review with all seperate creterion, respectively. Let’s take more carefull looks!

Design and settings

“Classic” is the first impression of Fujifilm X100F. Camera boby material is super durable metal with impressive buttons and compact shooting button. Hence, users find it comfortable and easy to half-press and press the shooting button.

Fujifilm X100F review

I’m highly impressed with the convenient design of X100F and the ease of operating the system. Personally, Fujifilm X100F camcorder is like an advanced product with enough versatility. So, it’s one of the best travel cameras.

This camera inherits the same appearance of the predecessors X100T. It’s like a famous Rangerfiner camcorder with a compact and effective design. Some changes of adusting buttons, namely the entire buttons are moved to the right of the screen and add a joystick button for faster operations.

Autofocus sytem

The 325-dot Hybird AF system is an advantage of Fujifilm X100F. For normal cameras, the most difficulty of this camera is to focus incorrectly when shooting the smoke images. But with Fujifilm X100F, users can focus fast and accurately every moment you like.

The strength of X100F is a series of color filter which helps photographers to choose and shoot immediately without post-image process thanks to the high contrast.

While shooting, the camcorder’s sounds don’t affect and distribute the main subjects in the photos. Hence, it’s suitable to take some streetlife images.

In addition to enhancing the image processing, the X-Processor offers a perfect focusing with 325 dots. Fujifilm adds more 4 unique focusing modes. When the subjects appear suddenly in the frame, the optical shutter speed over X-T2 up to 1/8000s and the electric shutter speed of 1/32000s.


  • Continous shooting up to 8fps
  • Good battery life
  • Short starting time only 0.5 second

Although it’s not designed for a professional sports camera, Fujifilm X100F shows 8 frames per second with the continous shooting, 60 continous JPEG files or 23 uncompressed RAW files. You can decrease to 5,4 or 3 frames/ second if you want. Sounds great!

An upgrade is new battery techlonogy and enhancing the battery capacity from 330 to 390. The battery-capacity display which isn’t set for the predecessors, is very clear.

Image and Video quality

  • ISO 200-12,800 expands to ISO 100-51,200
  • Good film simulation
  • +/- 5 EV Exposure compensation of 1/3 or 1/2-stop

Fujifilm X100F review

From my view, the X-Processor Pro and 24mp X-Trans 3 sensor are fantastic and incredible. This widen lenses include 4 versions of X100, even with the great amount of pixels for the sharpness in the dark.

If you use a widen lens of f/2 and focus on the subjects, it’s easier to implement the bokeh effect and reduce the depth of field by decreasing the aperture to f/2.8 – f/4.

This Fujifilm X100F can record videos of Full HD 60fps for such sharp and unique videos.

Why Should you Buy Fujifilm X100F camera?

Fujifilm X100F has a compact, modern-classic design in general, so it’s also suitable for travel. Thanks to other modern settings, photographers use it for both professional and semi-professional purposes.

The sleek design with a good DSLR camcorder. Great joystick and wonderful battery life to transfer images and video thanks to the modern Wifi connection.

It’s upgraded more with UI and menu, the navigation buttons and the toggle power.The X100F 35mm focal length is fantastic for every photography purpose.

JPEG image quality is perfect to look natural with the great shadow and colors via VSO filters. Great contrast image and nice photos in low light conditions.

In terms of the price, Fujifilm X100F is a little bit more expensive than others rivals. But compared to some upgraded camcorders, this price if reasonable. You get what you pay for!

Check more images of the Fujifilm X100F review:

Fujifilm X100F review

Fujifilm X100F review

Fujifilm X100F review

Fujifilm X100F review

Ratings and Verdict

The following is the rating based on the full Fujifilm X100F review in the previous parts. Check out and decide to buy it now!Fujifilm X100F review

To sum up, this camera line is perfect for both professional and semi-professional photography purposes with a variety of modern settings. Great image quality and wonderful container.

It’s one of the best travel cameras with super compact and light design. But, if you’re a photography starter, you should take more careful considerations of this Fujifilm X100F because it’s a little challenging to get the hang of it. If you like it, why don’t you check further information and buy it now!

After giving full Fujifilm X100F review, I realize that the closer rival of Fujifilm X100F camera is very Fujifilm X-Pro2.

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