Useful Camera Functions to Create perfect layouts

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Aperture, Shutter speed, and exposure are important to create perfect layoutsSome basic functions such as aperture, shutter speed play important roles in the photo’s layout.

For example, different aperture levels will change dramatically the depth of field (focusing areas) with varying impressions, which depend on focusing on one point or the whole image.

The shutter speed is directly related to the flexibility of a movingsubject. Layout changes depend on the appearance of subjects whether they are “frozen” or create motion-blurred effects or not.

Similarly, exposure level has effects on layouts when the brightness and color tones are adjusted to what you want. In this part, I will show you some different functions of camcorders.

create perfect layouts

Backlit images of a seaplane. By choosing a suitable exposure level according to the backlight conditions, you can create a low-key impression where the seaplane appears in the shadow area.

In contrast, adjusting the brightness level on the camcorder body will produce a high-key impression. In other words, impressions created by the same layouts will change according to your brightness level.

create perfect layouts

1. “Aperture” effect: Different photography ideas according to the focusing areas.

create perfect layouts

1.1. Adjust “aperture setting

Compare 3 following photos of the pavement. Focusing areas differ drastically at the maximum aperture value (f/2.8 in this case), or at the value of f/5.6 or f/11.

Accordingly, the impression of images will change. The flower photo below is a typical example for layouts which use the aperture changes.

A blurred background effect appears to highlight the main subject, named the flower. I used the layout “rule of thirds” to make stronger impressions.

On the contrary, to demonstrate the wide space of landscape images, I increase the aperture value to focus the whole photo.

1.2. Only aperture values change

create perfect layouts


create perfect layouts


create perfect layouts


This is a comparison of effects when the aperture values of a camera APS-C change. In the case of f/2.8, only small area are focused and background-blurred.

By decreasing the aperture values to f/5.6 and f/11, a larger field to the behind background will be focused and create the sharpness.

1.3. Large background-blurred effect highlights the flower

create perfect layouts

create perfect layouts

If you want to produce an impressive flower’s photo, create the strong contrary between the sharp and blurred areas. 

1.4. How to get the whole sharpness in the landscape photo

create perfect layouts

create perfect layouts

When increasing the aperture value to create the wide sharpness effect, the impressions will get the high Resolution as focusing on the whole image.

2. ”Exposure” effect: Adjusting brightness level will change images’ impressions

create perfect layouts

1.1. Adjust exposure setting

Similar to the standard exposure change according to the subjects, the suitable exposures are different according to the layouts.

Although we can shoot some photos with automatic exposure values, you can still intentionally want to shoot the over-bright or under-bright photos.

In the following mountain image, I use the diagonal layout and reduce exposure to create the warm atmosphere. In the final rose image, I choose a higher exposure level and a centered layout.

Brightening the whole image helps highlight the crystal and gentleness of the flower. As shown, the subject’s impression and the atmosphere surrounding change at different levels.

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1.2.2. Only brightness changes

create perfect layouts

±0EV: Standard Exposure

create perfect layouts

+1EV: Brightening

create perfect layouts

-1EV: Darkening

In this photo, I adjust the exposure levels to compare. Despite choosing different colors and color tones for the same photo according to the priority of photographers, we can consider carefully the suitable exposure with the subjects.

If you set the exposure according to your own expression levels, your layouts are still affected. Thus, there is a need to create perfect layouts based on the exposure levels.

1.2.3. Reduce exposure to express the majestic mountains

create perfect layouts

create perfect layouts

The sunlight stretching on the mountain range into the lake creates a strong contrary. I adjust the exposure according to the mountain’s slope where the light darkens the shadow areas.

A result is a peaceful atmosphere. You need to take note of the bright-dark ratio and the lake ratio because it plays a supporting role. It’s quite hard to create perfect layouts in these cases.

3. Some tips to create perfect layouts

Exposure compensation changes when you use other auto exposure modes. For instances, at Aperture-priority AE, the exposure and shutter speed are adjusted with the unchanged aperture value pre-setting, so the main changes are observed at the brightness level.

In contrast, at Shutter-priority AE mode, the aperture values change while the shutter speed pre-setting is unchanged. Thus, the focusing areas change, and the brightness is not an exception.

In landscape photography, there are few cases of the moving subjects, so the Aperture-priority AE is the most popular.

4. Increase exposure to highlight the gentleness

create perfect layouts

create perfect layouts

By shooting the close-up and wide-focusing the rose, you can create a realistic expression of the flower and enhance the gentle feeling at the same time.

Hence, you need to take careful note of flower’s color, and color turning from the dawn to darkness to the brightness. By the Exposure compensation and the layout pre-setting in mind, you can create perfect layouts.

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