Blue hour photography

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Beside “golden hour”, photographers also pay more attention to another special time of a day called blue hour (namely blue hour photography). At that time, the sky gradually turns into some different eye-catching color strips.

Shooting at that time is very easy because of no worries about too harsh or shadowy light.

“Blue hour” appears twice a day, immediately before sunrise and after sunset and lasts for 20-40 minutes, which depends on weather and geographical locations. At Blue hour photography, the sky can turn into blue or orange, yellow, pink and purple tones.

Wonderfully, this is the best time to shoot landscape, cityscape, beaches or tourist attractions. Importantly, the subjects of photos must be lit or highlighted by some light areas. However, areas of strong light are easily prone to burn in this case.

Blue hour photography

So as to run into the blue sky, you should choose a suitable location, observe the sky at two above moments and plan for yourself. Easily, check the exact blue time at the website: Bluehoursite

This post, based on Digital Photography School, gives you some tips for taking the most beautiful blue hour photography:

1. Shoot with shutter speed priority mode

At “blue hour” time, the sky is relatively dark because the sun lies under the horizon. You should use low shutter speed for a perfect image with enough light.

Shutter speed priority mode (S/Tv) on camera helps users customize shutter speed manually. The speed of 1-6 second is standard for a nice photo.

2. Use remote control or self-timer

Blue hour photography

“Shoot” button on the camera body can cause camera shake, resulting in blurred shots. So as to avoid camera shake, you should use a remote control or a self-timer.

3. Use a tripod for a great Blue hour photography

As mentioned above, low shutter speed means that you need to use a tripod or at least place your camera on a stable and flat position. Otherwise, you find it very hard to shoot beautiful and sharp photos.

4. Shoot with the RAW format

Why don’t you shoot with the RAW format instead of JPEG? It makes you more flexible to keep the sharpest images and easier for post-processing.

In this case, you can easily fix mistakes with the RAW format if your images are too bright or dark.

Blue hour photography

When you get the hang of Blue hour photography rules, you can shoot the beautiful images with JPEG format.

5. Help shoot more glittering photos with electric light

When you shoot at blue hour time, you can add some elements such as electric light from vehicles, buildings for a more glittering and interesting photo.

But, if you stand too close to light sources, flare, bright light or some bright spots appear clearly on your product.

Check out some awesome photos of the blue hour photography:

Blue hour photography

Blue hour photography

Blue hour photography

Blue hour photography

Blue hour photography

Blue hour photography

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