How to Avoid Camera shake

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Today, I’m showing one of the most major reasons for the blurred shot, namely camera shake. I will give you some specific causes and solutions to avoid camera shake, respectively. Let’s take a more thorough look!

For most photography beginners, a blurred shot has become one of the most popular problems. But, not all of them know the exact reasons and how to solve or avoid it.

1. Holding camera incorrectly

avoid camera shake

When you hold your camera incorrectly, camera shake effect will exactly appear. Regardless of point-and-shoot or SLD line, what you need is to follow closely the following rules:

  • Keep your camera close to your body
  • Try to keep your arms close to your body while watching
  • Keep your hands firmly but enough comfort
  • Stand with your feet shoulder width apart

The purpose of these rules is to help you stabilize your body and camera so that your camcorder stays firm while you’re shooting.

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2. Common technical errors

avoid camera shake

In the process of shooting, photographers can make some common errors which bring the camera shake. In order to avoid this problem and your blurred shots due to camera shake, you remember to do followings:

  • Press hard to switch the shutter off. Don’t press it lightly!
  • Move your camera out of the focus range immediately after shooting instead of keeping it at the focus after the shutter switches off.

3. Low shutter speed

avoid camera shake

Although the low shutter speed plays an indispensable part for shooting night scenes, it’s one of the main reason for blurred photos.

Shutter speed levels seem low when this speed is higher than 1/60 second, or whatever levels are lower than the standard focal length of the lens.

For example, if you use a lens of 300 mm, the speed of 1/60 second is low. Low shutter speed is really a major issue because the hands of photographers don’t stay firm at all time.

Some such wide lens as 300mm will enhance the weight of photographers’ hands, so their hands will shake. It means your camcorder will vibrate.

In the photography, high shutter speed will shorten the exposure time and help you avoid camera shake.

4. Unstable camera position and ways to avoid camera shake

avoid Camera shake

Putting the camera in a rough or unstable position during the long exposure time is one of the main reasons for camera shake.

In spite of using a remote control (to help avoid camera shake super effectively), these places where you put your camera are never stable, for example:

  • Too extended tripod width
  • Motion vehicles
  • Anyone’s back

To avoid this issue, there is a great need for all photographers, especially beginners to seek a stable position such as a flat large stone. You put your camera there and remember to use a remote control so as to avoid camera shake.

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